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LineCamp Steak House

As the American west was being built, folks worked hard, played hard and at the end of the day, sat down to great food and friendly conversation.

A commitment to authentic quality food and warm hospitality can be found at Line Camp Steakhouse . We've taken the best of the West and created a relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy the finest quality USDA choice beef, chicken, seafood, and fresh salads.

At Line Camp Steakhouse, we are committed to delicious, quality steaks served with authentic hospitality.

At Line Camp, we use only the finest quality beef, chicken, and seafood and prepare each item to order. The steaks are thick and juicy, the salads freshly made. It's a recipe for freshness that our guests have come to depend on. So whether your taste runs from tender, juicy steaks to mouthwatering chicken, we have delicious choices to fit your appetite at Line Camp Steakhouse.


What is a Line Camp?

What is a line camp? At one time all the ranches ran there cattle on the same range called common range or open range. Then came grazing permits. Each cattle outfit had to get permits to run cattle on public lands. Each outfit had different areas to run their cattle. This was when fences were put in in order to separate one rancher’s cattle from another, and these fences were called drift fences. The fences would run many miles across the country. To keep cattle from drifting to the wrong range, sometimes the fences would need repairs; sometimes a cow would get tangled up in the fence and need to be cut loose. Rustlers would also cut the fences and herd the cows they rustled to the “badlands” for holding until they could sell them.

The ranchers would build cabins and corrals at a good place along the fence line. These cabins were many miles apart and many miles from the main ranch. Cowboys would stay at these cabins for long period of time to ride and watch over the fence line as well as take care of any problems. So, these cabins and corrals were called a "line camp." Line camps were a welcome sight for weary travelers.


Start with Shrimp Cocktail

Rib-eye Steak

Filet Mignon

Grilled Chicken Breast

Pork Filet

Salmon in Maple Glaze & Crushed Pecans

Salmon on a Cedar Plank

Lobster Tail

Twin Lobster Tails

Combination Steak & Lobster

Served With

Crisp Green Salad

Special Line Camp Beans

Garlic Toast & Roughlock Potatoes

Coffee, Tea, Soft Drinks

Fresh Strawberry Lemonade

Wine & Beer Menu Available

Bottle Service: Bring your own wine, etc., and we'll be glad to serve it to you (a fee will apply)

Our beef is cut from USDA Choice Beef, and our filet is cut from the tenderloin.